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Cai Greeff

Interim CFO and Fundraising Lead at ModoScript

Cai is a venture capital and startup enthusiast, recently graduating from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business MBA program and currently the CFO for ModoScript. Previously, he worked for Origin Ventures as a Senior Associate, where he managed sourcing and diligence functions while investing in early-stage consumer and enterprise software and marketplace companies. Additionally, Cai has a diverse background from a variety of fields, spending several years working in institutional asset management as a PE/VC allocator, Real Estate Tech, middle-market buyout private equity, and as an Engineer Officer in the US Army National Guard. He received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Utah Valley University and is an active CFA and CAIA charterholder. In his free time, Cai spends his time helicopter-parenting, mountain biking and rationalizing his habitual early adoption of new technology.

Episode 15 - What's Good for the LP is Good for the GP, first of a three-part miniseries with Cai Greeff
Aug. 11, 2021

Episode 15 - What's Good for the LP is Good for the GP, first of a th…

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