Dec. 21, 2020

Episode 6 - Around the World with Ashish Aggarwal

Episode 6 - Around the World with Ashish Aggarwal

❗Note: We’re still new at this and had some technical difficulties with the audio In the last few minutes. We think the content is great though and hope you enjoy!

Around the World with Ashish Aggarwal

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We're really excited to be bringing to you today our conversation with Ashish Aggarwal. Ashish’s a principal at Grishin Robotics and former Director of M&A at Opera Software. If you’re looking at starting a career in venture we think you’re really going to enjoy this one! We talked about Ashish’s story and his advice for those new to the industry, the skills and habits that have served him well in the industry, as well as the areas that get him excited in 2020.

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Ashish Aggarwal

Principal at Grishin Robotics

Ashish Aggarwal is a Principal at Grishin Robotics, an early-stage venture capital fund based in Menlo Park. Ashish invests in early-stage robotics, connected hardware, AI/ML, and consumer companies.

Ashish has more than 13 years of experience as an operator, entrepreneur, and investor. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build and scale startups. Before Grishin Robotics, he was the Director of Corporate Development at Opera Software and a Team Leader at Yahoo. In his spare time, Ashish loves learning about how to develop inclusive communities, learning about new technologies, and traveling to new countries.