July 12, 2021

Episode 13 - Moving the Needle On Gender in the Innovation Ecosystem with Anne Cocquyt

Episode 13 - Moving the Needle On Gender in the Innovation Ecosystem with Anne Cocquyt

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We're really excited to be bringing to you today our conversation with Anne Cocquyt (@annecocquyt), founder of the Guild, a community and educational platform for women entrepreneurs, investors and innovators to connect, learn and build scalable technology businesses together.

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Episode Chapters:

  • Introduction & Anne's Background — 0:00
  • Founding the Guild — 06:10
  • What is Diversity? — 12:43
  • Moving the Needle — 20:27
  • Tactical Feedback for Founders and Investors — 35:12
  • Closing Thoughts — 41:20


  1. Participate in the GUILD Fundraising survey
  2. Diversity Worksheet
  3. TED Talk by Dana Kanze
  4. Harvard Implicit Bias Test
  5. Women In Product Study
Anne CocquytProfile Photo

Anne Cocquyt

Founder at the Guild

Anne Cocquyt is the founder of the GUILD and GUILD Academy (letsguild.com/academy), a best-in-class program for first-time entrepreneurs to launch their business and decide on funding options. Anne is originally from Stuttgart, Germany and has launched businesses in a wide variety of industries. She is known to be a super connector in the US startup ecosystem. After building partnerships with digital health companies, funds and accelerators for Genentech’s innovation team, she founded her own consumer product and tech startup, sold one, acquired a startup and serves as a startup advisor, advisor to a fund, and angel investor.