April 12, 2021

Episode 10 - Founding GoingVC & More with John Gannon

Episode 10 - Founding GoingVC & More with John Gannon

👋 Hey! Thanks for checking out the GoingVC Podcast: Uncovering new paths into VC, diving deeper into alternative models, and addressing areas of weakness every second Monday with Austin and JJ MacLean (@jjmaclean) from the GoingVC team. 

We're really excited to be bringing to you today our conversation with John Gannon cofounder of GoingVC. As always, if you've got any questions, feedback, guest ideas, or just want to say hey, don't hesitate to shoot us a message at podcast@goingvc.com!

Episode Chapters:

  1. Introduction — 0:00
  2. John’s Origin Story — 1:30
  3. It All Ends Up Fitting Together — 7:30
  4. Writing For Yourself — 12:04
  5. Founding GoingVC — 19:58
  6. Supporting A Diverse Ecosystem — 24:15
  7. Closing Thoughts — 33:40
John GannonProfile Photo

John Gannon

Cofounder at GoingVC

John is the founder of the John Gannon Blog, one of the largest VC jobs board in the world that reaches 19k+ subscribers weekly, including investors from top firms like Greylock, Bessemer, Sequoia, and a16z. He has been an operator at multiple early and late stage startups. He was employee #1 at Turbonomic ($1.5B+ exit to IBM) and launched 2 multi-million dollar ARR products as a product manager at DigitalOcean (IPO).

John is an Advisor to Concord (acquired by Akamai, backed by Bloomberg Beta), Wallaroo Labs (backed by Greycroft, Eniac, Resolute) and Quantopian (acquired by Robinhood, backed by a16z, Bessemer, and Spark). John holds a BSE from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Columbia Business School.